White Haze Automatic

White Haze is autoflowering weed strain. This plant starts flowering when their sixth to ninth pair of five-bladed leaves, which is usually about six to eight weeks in the growing [...]

Northern Lights

Legendary Afghan Indica Weed  is now available as a feminized autoflowering Northern Lights strain! You dont need to select and eliminate men, or need not be changed even cycles li[...]

Super Skunk

Feminised Super Skunk Automatic from Sensi Seeds  is a perfect recombination of Skunk # 1 and a carefully selected plant Afghani hash with one of the best weed autoflowering hybrid[...]

Northern Lights

Northern Lights is incredible Indica weed, that offers the best of both cannabis worlds - the legendary original Northern Lights combined with the latest achievements in the field [...]

Snow Ryder Feminized

Snow Ryder is feminized autoflowering weed with a lot of abilities to flowering.  Auto-flowering sorts begins blooming according to the age of the plant, rather than the light cycl[...]

Super Skunk Automatic

Super Skunk is the best features of the world-famous Super Skunk Weed. This Plant is example of Cannabis ruderalis - combines the exceptional autoflowering feminised variations.

White Widow Automatic

One of the best known names in the Amsterdam Coffeeshop scene. White Widow is powerweed hybrid combines the 70% Indica, 30% Sativa is a perfect combination of the original with car[...]

Skunk #1 Automatic

Skunk Autoflowering Seeds are most of these three decades to the public and they are just the most popular and widely used form of skunk strain, will be made by Sensi Seeds.